Eprecis is an injectable form of eprinomectin, a novel avermectin molecule. Eprinomectin is a semi-synthetic form of ababmectin, an anthelmintic in the macrocyclic lactone group (clear). Used in the internal and external treatment of parasites in dairy and beef cattle, and with zero milk withdrawal and 63 days meat withdrawal, below are 10 reasons why using Eprecis wormer injection is better than a pour-on;

  1.  Increased bioavailabilty 89% compared to 17% for a pour on
  2. Still zero milk withdrawl
  3.  Faster acting reaches maximum mean plasma concentration before 2 days compared to 4 days for pour on
  4.  Ability to use a very accurate and precise dose
  5.  Injection ensures correct dosing of animals minimising the risk of resistance development
  6.  Injection avoids the problem of rain washing off product so can be used in all (the delightful Irish) weathers.
  7.  Decreased risk to environment, decreased impact on aquatic life, also decreased risk of human contamination as no splash back In comparison to other injectable products:
  8.  Excellent ease of administration extensively tested to have excellent syringeability and can be injected twice as fast as other products
  9.  High fluidity for good convenience and comfort
  10.  Ceva CLAS vial designed for easy practical in field use

Coming in pack sizes of 100ml and 250ml in Ceva’s unique and hi-tech CLAS vial which is adapted to farm conditions. The CLAS vial is a robust shock resistant vial which reduces breakage and product loss. It comes with an ergonomic grip groove for optimal handling and a multi-layered structure for product stability.

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