Diarmuid Fenton from Waterfall, near Cork city milks 180 dairy cows and will calve down 220 cattle with the help of his parents Margaret and David. This is his second year using ProHeifer milk replacer. Diarmuid heard about ProHeifer from his local feed merchant, Joe O’Mahoney, from Agway Milling.

Diarmuid says “I believe that feeding a high quality milk replacer such as ProHeifer is important to achieve target weights at weaning, breeding and calving down. Protein levels are 26%, whey based and there is no fibre included, which is very important to calves. ProHeifer includes Cylactin which I’ve found reduces digestive upsets.“
Interchem’s ProHeifer milk replacer is ideal for farmers looking to drive performance and growth rates in their heifer calves. ProHeifer milk replacer contains 26% protein and includes the probiotic Cylactin®. Cylactin® helps with efficient digestion by maintaining balanced microbial populations in the gut, helping promote better weight gains and preventing a scour set back.
Diarmuid goes on to say “when I started using ProHeifer milk replacer through my Delaval calf feeder, a representative from Interchem/PharVet came out to help me calibrate the machine so we had no issues with settings. I am very happy with the results from using ProHeifer last year, the weight gains were up and overall calf health was better. I’ve more calves coming in this year and I’m looking forward to seeing the same results in the coming months.”

Cylactin supports efficient digestion by maintaining balanced microbial populations in the gut. Containing live Enterococcus faecium, Cylactin is a probiotic feed additive. It stabilises gut microflora and builds a better intestinal environment leading to healthier calves. Cylactin is shown to reduce digestive upsets and to increase daily live weight gain in pre-weaned calves.

Watch Cork farmer Mike talk about his experiences with ProHeifer milk replacer HERE.

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