Annette Kavanagh, dairy farmer, Co. Wicklow















Annette Kavanagh from Valleymount, Co. Wicklow farms 100 Friesian dairy cows and rears all female heifer replacements.

“Since I started feeding ProHeifer milk replacer, my replacements are in excellent condition and I don’t have an issue with pot-bellied calves.  I am able to achieve optimum target weights at each growth stage, which is very important to successfully managing livestock on our dairy farm”

Annette, along with her father, manages the 100 strong autumn and spring calving dairy herd.  With a key emphasis on rearing quality replacements, they have used ProHeifer milk replacer for the past few seasons and are delighted with the results they have been achieving with their calves.

Quality colostrum management, along with using a high performance milk replacer ensures calves get off to a good start.  The use of ProHeifer milk replacer has enabled the Kavanaghs to reach targets body weights at key milestones of weaning, breeding and calving.  All replacement heifers are calving down at 24 months of age.

Prior to using ProHeifer, Annette had tried many different milk replacers and subsequently found that ProHeifer delivered the best results and will continue to use it for all replacements on their dairy farm.

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