The ONLY injectable wormer with ZERO MILK WITHHOLD


  • Increased bioavability 89% compared to 17% for a pour on
  • Zero milk withdrawal
  • Faster acting (2 days compared to 4 days for pour on)
  • Injection is suitable for all weather conditions, avoiding the problem of rain washing off product.
  • Excellent ease of administration and syringeability with Ceva’s CLAS vials
  • A more precise and accurate dose 1ML per 100kg BW

Mayo Farmer, Ronan Joyce milks 110 JEX cows, and uses Eprecis due to it’s reliability, exact amount and that it can be administered in any weather.

Eprecis Wormer Injection

The FIRST Eprinomectin Injection with a zero milk withdrawal period. Eprecis won an innovation award at Millstreet National Dairy Show October 2016. This innovation in science award looks to reward a new product or service which has been launched in the past 12 months that has revolutionised some aspect of dairy farming.

Eprecis is a small single dose application for the control of common parasites in dairy cows.

Broad spectrum cover, treating infestations by internal and external parasites sensitive to eprinomectin including: Gastrointestinal roundworms, Roundworms, Lungworms, Sucking lice, Horn flies, Warbles and Mange mites.

Precise dosing:
The Eprecis injection ensures correct dosing of the animal minimising the risk of resistance. There is also no loss of product due to licking.

Fast Acting:
The maximum mean plasma concentration is reached before day 2 post injection compared to day 4 post application of a pour-on.

Higher bioavailability:
89% versus 17% for a pour-on.

Use in all weather conditions:
Treatment can be used in all weather conditions and does not rely on absorption through the skin.

Zero milk withhold period:
Eprecis is licensed to be used at any time during lactation.

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