Cows fertilityIn order for farmers to achieve a compact calving interval, the use of synchronisation may have a role to play in achieving a cow per calf/year or a 365 day calving interval.

There are various methods of synchronisation, in cycling cows prostaglandins can be used to bring on the onset of oestrus, this is a cost effective method that is widely used in heifer breeding for the dairy herd, Consult your vet for more details on how to do this.

Synchronisation protocols do not improve herd fertility, what they can do is allow a greater submission rate, thus helping overall fertility management.  As with any farm practices, good management, feeding, health, semen selection and mineral status have a positive effect on fertility figures.

For non-cycling cows or for fixed time AI without heat detection the use of a progesterone device for 7 days has many proven advantages.  These devises are easy to administer and can improve the success of fixed time AI protocols.

Synchronisation: Our How to Steps

  • Review your herds performance with your vet and access your goals for the coming breeding season
  • If the use of AI is deemed important, then work on choosing a range of bulls that will deliver on your herds breeding plans
  • If the use of fixed time AI is the agreed breeding strategy, then plan a date that will suit best for your calving period, workload, shed space etc.
  • Review the body condition score of your cows, examine the times post calving and pick you cows that you wish to enter into the program
  • Discuss the protocol selection with your vet and plan the least number of handlings possible
  • Prepare the cows and ensure that you notify your AI man to book him to do the inseminations at the correct times.
  • Use the correct protocols and stick to the timings rigidly for best results.
  • Remember to watch cows closely 18- 22 days post AI for repeats.

Recent Irish trail data conducted by Teagasc & UCD showed a positive improvement in reducing the days open in dairy cows and showed strong management benefits associated with beef suckler cows.  Remember, good management and nutrition is vital in the success of any adopted program.

Interchem (Ireland) Ltd is the only veterinary supplier in Ireland to offer a full range of fertility products for bovine livestock. For further information on Interchem’s full fertility range, please contact your local Vet or call us on 01 451 8959


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