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Following on from Interchem (Ireland) Ltd’s recent workshops on fertility in Cork and Portlaoise, we bring you the top fertility advice from industry experts.

Dr Stephen Butler

Speaking at the recent Interchem (Ireland) Ltd, fertility workshop in Cork, Dr Butler outlined the importance of fertility in seasonal calving systems, speaking about how fertility was the cornerstone in the Irish calving system. Dr Butler believes that optimum fertility is achieved through matching herd feed demand with the seasonal growth profile of grass, therefore converting grazed grass to milk.

Dr Butler also spoke about the challenges faced by the Irish agriculture industry through Brexit and new environmental regulations placed on farmers, and how Ireland and the agriculture industry is well placed to adapt to these challenges. Another topic which Dr Butler spoke about was the economic importance of herd fertility and through achieving the optimum 90% six week calving rate, that it is worth €2,600 per year to the farm. However, through poor fertility performance, this can instead translate as a loss.

Watch Dr. Butler below.

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