Paul Kennedy

Interchem (Ireland) Ltd’s product manager, Paul Kennedy emphasized the objectives of the fertility workshops held recently were to help Interchem’s veterinary clients in educating them and in using synchronisation as a protocol to aim to reduce the calving interval. Using recent trial data from four farms using fixed time A.I. Paul hopes the data will have a positive impact for farmers and vets in reducing the calving interval.

Paul also spoke about how these workshops engaged and educated the audience in implementing protocols and gaiving confidence to Interchem’s veterinary partners in delivery such protocols.


Pat O’Callaghan

Below is an interview with Interchem (Ireland) Ltd Managing Director, Pat O’Callaghan, who spoke about the greater awareness amongst Irish farmers of the economic importance of getting the cow back in calf as soon as possible. He also mentioned the benchmarks and parameters that are being looked at currently, such as calving intervals and conception rates. Many of Ireland’s top farmers are aware of the economic implications of having a barren cow in the herd and not getting a cow back in calf in the 365 day interval.

Pat also discussed how the workshops were educational events, with industry experts providing information to vets on bovine reproduction and how to ensure they are fully equipped when they begin their intervention processes later in the year. He also mentioned the value these workshops have given vets around Ireland, updating them with the latest developments in the industry.

Both fertility workshops proved very successful, where the audience felt they benefited greatly from the events. All topics discussed are essential for planning the 2017 breeding season, in order to reduce the calving interval and meeting the objectives of both vets are farmers.

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