Conor O Sullivan, Walterstown, Co. Meath entered dairying in 2015. Prior to this his family managed a mixed enterprise made up of mostly tillage farming, so it was no small task to move direction into dairying. He started by purchasing 120 in-calf heifers and from there has built his way up to over 200 milking cows. Conor may have made this look easy, but much effort has been realised to get the farm to its current level of production as can be seen here:

Key statistics:

• Cows in Milk: 203
• Calving interval: 368 days
• 2018 AV Milk Solids: 470kgs
• 2019 forecasted solids: 520kgs
• Herd Type: Cross Bred
• Daily yield: 22 Litres (6700L/ annum)

This year Conor made a change in his protocol to control lungworm by using Eprecis injection. This came as a result in consultation with his local vet practice and hearing of its success through the media.

Conor’s comments on why he chose Eprecis were as follows:

• Once it’s done its done, you know the cow got the correct dose
• Quicker acting
• Didn’t have to worry about scattered showers on the day
• Only took 90 minutes to do 203 cows

Conor’s farm manager commented “it was magic stuff; in two days the coughing had completely stopped”. Conor says he would suggest farmers to “have it in your yard each year so you can react when needed rather than waiting for it to be delivered”.

In 2015, Conor has a bad outbreak of lungworm, this resulted in reduced yields, so Conor knows how important it is to monitor and treat accordingly. “Eprecis will be part of my annual worm control strategy” commented Conor.

For more information on Eprecis check out

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