The use of injectable versus pour-on worm treatments is a subject for much debate on Irish dairy farms.

And with many farmers now looking at dosing options, as cattle are out to grass, it’s a good time to look at the benefits of injectable treatments.

1. Every Animal Has Got The Correct Dose
At first, dosing with a pour-on might seem convenient, but you can never be as certain as with an injection that each animal has received the correct dose.

Other animals can lick or rub off a pour-on and rain may also wash off pour-on products. Plus, if the animal has a dirty or thick hide, the treatment is less likely to have been fully absorbed.

With injectable treatments, such as Eprecis Injection, there is no need to have the cow’s back clean and free from dirt at the time of treatment.

2. Maximum Treatment From The Dose
It can take farmers up to 48 hours a year to dose cattle.

Why do this non-inspiring, slow job using a pour-on treatment, as you can never be sure that animals are getting the maximum treatment from the dose.

Eprecis Injection has increased bioavability, with 89% of the product entering the animal’s circulatory system as opposed to just 17% for pour-on products.

3. No Need To Worry About The Weather
Another advantage of using injections is that cattle can be dosed even when it’s raining, so there’s no need to worry about the weather.

There’s no problem with rain washing off Eprecis Injection and it is the ideal solution for dosing dairy cows in a country where, Met Eireann says, it rains up to 225 days a year.

You never have to alter your plans. You can plan your date for dosing, even if the weather forecasts rain and wind. This means that you can be sure that you’re dosing effectively. Effective dosing ensures that you maximise the treatment for killing the worm burden (internal and external parasites).

4. Accuracy
Working out exact dosing rates for different weights can be annoying.

Eprecis Injection is a far more precise and accurate dose, which is simply 1ml/100kg of bodyweight.

5. Quick Results
Why wait for results? Treatments with Eprecis injection work faster than a pour-on, as it takes just two days to work as opposed to four days for pour-on products.

6. Be More Efficient
Using Eprecis can also allow farmers to become efficient, freeing them up to get on with other important jobs on the farm.

Eprecis won an innovation award at the National Millstreet Dairy Show last year. This award recognises a new product which has revolutionised an aspect of dairy farming.


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